The salt room

The salt room

Close your eyes and breathe the scent of the sea …

It is known that breathing the sea air is beneficial to health thanks to the many mineral substances that evaporate from the water. Today you can get the same benefits of the marine microclimate with salt room wellness center “Paradise Spa”.

  • Suitable for people of all ages, recommended for athletes who want to increase their athletic performance, ideal for small children, those suffering from stress and pregnant women. It is a real natural cure.
  • In the room the walls are completely covered with salt and we have recreated the features of the microclimate of a salt cave with a stable temperature of about 25-27 ° C, with the humidity and constant ventilation we have remade the sea air.
  • The benefits of the salt cave are iodine ions in high amounts which can help the body to relax, regenerate, fight like respiratory problems, bone joint and skin. In addition, the salt room has decongestants elements to relieve bloating, fatigue and improve circulation. All of this can improve your immune system.
  • Children can play in a stimulating environment reminiscent of the beach, while adults can relax with a light background music.

* The salt room, we recommend comfortable clothing to relax and to take your shoes off before entering.

(30′ minutes / 20 Euros for outsiders – 10 Euros for hotel guests)