Special treatments

Special treatments

His and Her’s Massage

Couples massage is about balance and is performed simultaneously with the use of aromatic oils, which aims at relaxation andwell-being of the couple.

(50′ min/120 Euro)

Ayurveda Massage

The treatment helps to eliminate toxins through the purification, strengthens muscle tone, relaxes and rejuvenates the body. The treatment uses hands, elbows, forearms through touch maneuvers, traditional massage techniques and involves the use of essential oils. According to Ayurveda, the body is pervaded by three vital energies, “doshas” – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – which determine the state of health or disease in people. Depending on your “dosha” type our expert will indicate the specific massage just for you.

(60′ min/100 Euro)

Quartz bells Massage

A treatment aimed at improving posture and enegry of your body by unlocking energy points with sounds and vibrations of quartz bells. In the final phase of the treatment the bells are laid on the body, creating vibration and sound, the vibrational wave acts in depth to recover mental and physical energy. “It ‘a very deep sound massage that generates well-being and positivity ..”

(60’ min/80 Euro)

Massage of the Senses

Sensory massage for your well-being.

(50′ min/70 Euro)

Sound Therapy

A group treatment which provides a development in the sessions of about 15-20 participants, exploiting the main synergy of the group itself. There will be a collective vibrational concert and everyone can experiment on themselves with the bells. In the final phase of the session will be the message of the angels and maps with messages for each specific person. The crystalline vibration can lead the body to a better balance, freeing it from tensions.

(Saturday 1st group – 18.00) (2st group – 20.30)

(60 min’/25 Euro)

Treatment for hands and feet

Cosmetic manicure (without nail polish) 20.00 Euro

Cosmetic manicure (with nail polish application) 25.00 Euro

Aesthetic pedicure (with nail polish application) 35.00 Euro

Semi-permanent nail polish hands / feet (including manicure / pedicure) 40.00 Euro

Nails 80.00 Euro

Refill gel 50.00 Euro

Curative pedicure 45.00 Euro