Salt Massage

Salt Massage

Massage with Himalayan or Dead Sea salt

Salt has always been a source of wealth for us. The ancient Romans knew it before us and were the first to use sea salt to maintain their physical health. The specially treated and powerful salts such as the Himalayas and the Dead Sea are ideal for revitalizing the body and for smooth skin, and it also acts as a detox for the skin. The massage is followed by a scrub, which helps to clean, disinfect and smooth the skin deeply, removing dead skin cells and also for expelling toxins and excess fluids.

Himalayan salt massage

A massage and exfoliation for the body is able to act positively on the skin thanks to the efforts by the essential trace elements in Himalayan salt. The characteristics of this mineral are very precious: the purest salt and the oldest are free of toxins and pollutants.

(50′ min /70 Euro)

Massage with Dead Sea salt

A massage and body exfoliation with Dead Sea salt not only helps cleanse the body, but also to effectively combat water retention and edema cellulite.

(50′ min / 65 Euro)

Scrub with Dead Sea salts

The salts combined with precious essential oils are combined with delicate maneuvers that on the skin will do a deep cleaning and a draining action.

(30′ min /costo 30 Euro)

Bandages with Dead Sea salts

The bandages will do a deep draining of your skin and the essential oils will allow an immediate feeling of lightness.

(30′ min / costo 35 Euro)

* After the scrub treatments and wraps it is recommended a massage of 30 ‘minutes / cost 45 Euro