Body massage

Body massage

When did you last listen to your body..?

Well, we suggest to listen to the Greeks, which the word ‘massage’ takes it’s origin. Massein in greek is a term which means “model”, and is the oldest form of physical therapy which used over time by different civilizations, to relieve the pain and to take away fatigue. This offer is a real experience for the senses that allows you to be comfortable in your skin.

Face massage

(Durata 25 min/40 euro)

Face detoxifying massage

(Durata 30 min/45 euro)

Body massage

(Durata 55 min/60 euro )

Partial massage

(Durata 30 min/45 euro)

Anti-cellulite massage

(Durata 40 min/50 euro)

Energizing massage

(Durata 40 min/50 euro)

Sports massage

(Durata 50 min/60 euro)

Lymphatic drainage massage

(Durata 60 min/80 euro)

Amber massage

(Durata 50 min/80 euro)

Ayurveda massage

(Durata 50 min/100 euro)

His & Her’s Massage

(Durata 60 min/120 euro)